Advisory Services

Expert consulting services

Jadreh provides excellent technical support service, ensuring the success of your project and get maximum yield. Ltd technical support are divided into the following two categories:

Super absorbent polymer customized

Experts according to the situation, special water retaining agent and its application to different crops, ensure water retaining agent is most appropriate for your species of crops and local water conditions. Packages provide a default formula can be designed according to the actual planting of a variety of recipes.

Also retaining agent for providing expert guidance, training courses and full email support and other projects.
Expert on-site guidance

Jadreh expert can be arranged for a 2 Days of field guidance, answer questions growers and to provide management recommendations, such as growing crops, selection of products. The service including airfare and domestic transportation costs.

Insurance agent training course

Experts to the project site, will provide agents training course curriculum covering all links of Super absorbent polymers, including: protecting agent technology, and water use, fertilizer preparation, seeding and planting methods, plant growth management plan, and growing experience, analysis of relevant success stories.

Full email support

Experts to provide universal tracking technologies services, provides weekly email communication and feedback. Growers can be encountered in actual operation problem, plant growth stage pictures to the Jadreh service mailbox (, expert answers, guidance is given to ensure foolproof.