Desert Greening


Super absorbent polymer in improving the ecological environment and role  play to decide the success or failure of the windbreak project. When the  desert greening, the simple method of applying Super absorbent polymer can  greatly improve the survival rate of seedlings and plant growth.

( 1 ) Using cuttings, grafting, tissue culture seedlings and seed  breeding of tree, shrub seedling nursery ground effects of Super absorbent  polymers, seed germination and rooting will accelerate, seedling growth is  faster, more robust, and in the process of porting the affected is very  small. According to the breeding and planting of seedlings of different  insurance agent applicator, pocketing, furrow fertilization in the soil  mix. Experiments show that seedling root growth into the Super absorbent  polymer crystals, if a strain of plant roots can bring50~200 tablets of Super absorbent  polymer crystals, the transplant can greatly reduce drought on transplanting  and growth of adverse effects. On transplanting survival difficult plant,  seedling transplant survival rates also increase. Economic analysis,  cost-per-retaining agent for transplanting seedlings take about 0.03 Yuan. For most green seedlings  and seedlings of fruit trees, this expenditure is completely  unacceptable.     

( 2 ) Seedlings dipped in root Bare-root seedlings after the  digging, in the process of packing, transport and temporary storage, face the  problem of dehydration effects of root system survive. Root dip mixed  clay, water retention agent, and water and mud, dip than other materials (such  as wood) into the moisturizer effect is much better. Because retaining  agents more water, and even use powdered water retaining agent, after water  absorption remains inherent in rhombus shape, also allow normal breathing roots  while moisturizing. Moisturizing mud preparation: fine  water retaining agent: clay: water = 1 ∶ 150 ∶ 200 。 Each seedling tape 100 grams of this Super  absorbent slurry calculations, each using aquasorb cost only 0.02 Yuan, can be  described as "economic and reliable".

( 3 ) Nursery stock transplanting When planting bare-root seedlings  of trees, shrubs and lianas, and when we fill planting hole, 1 ~ 2 Cups ( 250 ~ 500 G) seedling roots of aquasorb  Hydrogel is applied, then fill can be. Each seedling cost only about  application of water retaining agent 0.06~0.15 , can reduce the risk of death  of seedlings 50% above.

( 4 ), Dealing with the growth of the trees 
 Due to drought or other factors resulting in declining trees or drop of  fruit trees, and in the vertical projection of the Crown range, combines dig  ring groove (Groove) application of organic fertilizers, Super absorbent  polymer mix applies to both the tree root. Amount of water retaining agent  for: hydrogels of backfill soil 30%, or dry granular backfill 2~3per thousand. 

Soil is the growth of  the trees by drilling application of water retaining agent in a better  way. Using high efficiency, simple operation, saving time and working  machinery to drill, drill holes in Crown point down under the scope,  quantitative water retaining agent and method of organic fertilizer mixture  soil backfill the hole. With the traditional method of circle furrow,  ditch, radiation channel or plowing into the law, drilling method has many  advantages