Ice packs

Can absorb hundreds of times to thousands of its own weight of water,  nontoxic, harmless and pollution-free; exceptionally strong water absorbing  capacity, water retention ability of high moisture absorption cannot be  squeezed out by simple physical methods, and can be repeatedly releasing water,  water absorption. An ice pack is a new freeze media, thaw melted without water pollution can be used over and over, hot and  cold , Its effective use of cold ice capacity for the same volume of 6 Times, which can be used Dry ice , ice And so on.
 An ice pack is made up of cooling capacity, nonpoisonous and tasteless  high-polymer compounds composed of basic raw materials, its crystal clear no  corrosion no radiation and elastic. Ice packs dedicated small-particle  State is a white crystal powder , water swelling dozens of  times , food-grade pure and efficient expansion.
 Ice ice pad , Cooling pad , Ice cap , Ice zone , Extended cold ice bag, very appropriate ice ice pad , Cooling pad manufacturers, such as using, extending more than 10 to dozens  of times more than double than usual.

 1 、 Ice is an ice cube upgrade alternatives, has more applicability,  its ease of use, health, wide range of uses.
 2 、Used in medical high fever cooling cooling, anti-inflammatory pain  relievers, cold, skin care and other beauty, twisted, bleeding, purulent  assisted physiotherapy.
 3 、And frozen refrigerated transport of biological reagent, solder  paste, avian medicine, medicine, blood plasma, vaccines, fish, poultry, fish  and fresh food the long-distance refrigerated transport of foreign trade.
 4 、 Used during sports training and competitions other than bumps,  sprains, broken, etc.
 5、 Chilled, daily life, save electricity, when the electricity was in  the refrigerator to maintain temperature, food preservation, iced drinks,  travel to carry.
 6、 Its effective use of cold ice capacity for the same volume of 6 Times.
 1、 Cool fever, for medical, anti-inflammatory pain relievers, cold stop  therapy skin care , Heat and ice  therapy bags 。
 2、 Refrigerated transport creatures frozen reagents, medicine, blood  plasma, vaccines, fish, poultry, fish and fresh food the long-distance  refrigerated transport of foreign trade.
 3、Used during sports training and competitions other than bumps,  sprains, broken, etc.
 4、cold compress : physical temperature, fever,  inflammation pain, fatigue, itching, rapid elimination due to fever, headache,  toothache, sprains, backache, mumps, such as heat of the discomfort or  pain ; Also applies to student learning, exam cooling heatstroke,  refreshing.
 5、heat : winter heat warm hands, warm  stomach, waist, and so on.
 6、cold storage : fresh breast milk, drink beer  cold, food, lunch boxes and other items cold storage , refrigerated transport creatures frozen reagents, solder paste, avian  medicine, medicine, blood plasma, vaccines, fish, poultry, fish and fresh  food the long-distance refrigerated transport of foreign trade.
 7、cooling ice pack is a high-tech product, which can be reused, hot and  cold double use.
 8、through the microwave, a refrigerator and frozen, achieved on the  human body that can be hot or cold compresses of pure physical health  effects. Winter heat warm hands, warm stomach, waist, adjuvant treatment  of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and weak stomach cold ; Summer ice the swelling brain, fever physical cooling, relief of pain, with  the ice packs insulated containers for food-Bento fresh, fresh breast milk,  iced drinks and so on.
 9、the long-term preservation and repeated use, comfortable and convenient,  modern family, the new mother, hospital, nursing home, sports and travel  must-have items.
 10、cake, cakes ice : now there have a lot of ice  cream cake, snowy moon cakes, the ice can be together with cake, cakes, cakes,  cakes not because of temperature and deterioration.