Cooling Paste


Can absorb hundreds of times to thousands of its own weight of water,  nontoxic, harmless and pollution-free; exceptionally strong water absorbing  capacity, water retention ability of high moisture absorption cannot be  squeezed out by simple physical methods, and can be repeatedly releasing water,  water absorption. Is a dissolved in water, oil, after the cross-linking  reaction produces a strong adhesive effect and form a Hydrogel polymer, so is  ideal for topical patches of matrix material. In Japan, Showa electrical  production of part in the and polypropylene acid sodium was widely application  Yu Bubba agent ( by skin to drug posted, and beauty  health posted, and quit posted, and weight loss posted, and contraceptive  posted and so on), and mask, and cosmetics in the,  compared General Ming rubber, and seaweed acid sodium, and completely  neutralization of polypropylene acid sodium, traditional matrix raw materials,  Showa electrical of NP Products in the effect of  adhesion, stability, repeated opening has a very distinct advantage.