Authorized Wholesale Buyer Application

Classification of Jadreh  dealer
 Jadreh authorized  resellers are divided into:
 * Home  gardening retailer
 * Professional products distributors

Which class should  I apply?
 Home gardening  retailer application typically includes: gardening shops, flower shops, dragons  shops, gardening companies, supermarkets and other retail products sales,  wholesale establishments.
 Home gardening  retailer may authorize to sale:
 Jadreh ® Retail  flower Super absorbent;
 Jadreh ® Retail  trees Super absorbent;

Professional  product channel applications typically include: agricultural supplies company  builders, greenhouse, nursery, flower, vegetable production-oriented enterprises,  fertilizer suppliers and other agricultural companies in related fields.
 Distributors may  authorize the sale of professional products:
 Jadreh ® Medium  water retaining agent
 Jadreh ® Trumpet  Super absorbent polymer
 Jadreh ® Large  water retaining agent;

The application  process
 Jadreh home  gardening retailer's application process is as follows:
 Applicant to complete the application form  Jadreh phone  confirmation  Send a quotation  Application for  remittance  Warehouse shipment  Authorization to start

 May apply to  become targets of retailers including: company, store, shop.
 Application  conditions:
 1. Integrity.
 2. Willing to establish long-term cooperative partnerships with the Jadreh.
 3. Promised due diligence do Jadreh products promotion and sales.
 4. Fill in the " Jadreh gardening retailer application  form " And approved. 
 5. Read " Bradley authorized retailer code of  conduct " And sign it.
 Maintain contact  with Jadreh:
 At present, the Jadreh retailer did not provide sales targets, only need to  meet the eligibility criteria, later the goods according to the  sales. However, retailers need to maintain close contact with Jadreh, in:  daily aspects of communications, product promotion and subsequent  replenishment.
 If the retailer  links long-term disruption and Jadreh, if unable to communicate, or into the  subsequent replenishment, Jadreh right to review the authorization, reserves  the right to revoke an authorization.
 Jadreh gardening  retailers have the following advantages:
 1. Enjoy " Authorized retailers " The price  gradients (Jadreh retail product rates). 
 2. Jadreh official website " Jadreh vendor  map " Update the authorized retailer for information  on  
 3. Authorized retailer when you place an order without paying the deposit.
 4. In tight supply and inventory is low priority for authorized retailers.
 5. FromJadreh blogs, micro-blog, fine Jadreh app public platform and other  channels, for authorized retailers to provide the necessary communication,  reporting and promotion.
 6. Jadreh for authorized retailers to provide the necessary training and  technical support.
 7. Reach the required sales volume, and conscientious promotion of Jadreh  products authorized retailers can apply for regional protection (the only  retailers to become a city).
 8. Jadreh authorization letters, promotional materials.
 Click here to  download Jadreh Retailer application form.