Fertilizers additives

The  water-retaining agent has a strong function of water absorption, can absorb a  lot of water-soluble nutrients, in the soil on the fertilizer nutrient delayed  release effect, effectively improve the water and fertilizer interaction, and  improve fertilizer utilization. Absorption of the effective sustainability, to  achieve increased efficiency. The proportion of water-retaining agent and  fertilizer can be added in accordance with the main elements of water-based  fertilizer added 20 to 50 kg per ton; slow release trace element fertilizer per  ton add 30 to 80 kg.

 1.  Mixing granulation: The water-retaining agent and the fertilizer component are  mixed and granulated in a granulator without changing the fertilizer formula to  prepare mixed particles. Or with a water-retaining agent and 8 of adhesive in  the disc granulator to produce long-lasting fertilizer, made of fertilizer with  water and fertilizer to prevent the role of nutrient loss.
 2.  Coating type: with 8 of adhesive as a granular fertilizer coating material  and plastic chain, by physical or chemical way to be wrapped in fertilizer and  water retaining agent particles made of water-coated coated fertilizer.  Water-retaining fertilizer makes the nutrient content of water-retaining  fertilizer to improve, but also play a certain role in delaying the release of  fertilizer nutrients. The results show that the crosslinked polyacrylamide type  water retaining agent has certain sealing property, nutrient slow release and  water retention, and can be used as the coating material of controlled release  fertilizer. Water-retaining agent coating has a high water absorption rate, the  coating is not easy to fall off, slow release performance is good, anti-caking,  no pollution.
 3.  Polymerization type: the use of polymerization directly through the adsorption  of fertilizer, embedded in the polymer matrix or fertilizer molecules or ions  and polymer monomer copolymerization to the polymer molecules, so that the  fertilizer and hydrophilic polymer into a complete Integrated substances, such  fertilizers are matrix type slow / controlled release fertilizer. Can improve  the nutrient content of water-retaining fertilizer, but also the introduction  of new nutrient-controlled mechanism to improve the release of nutrients to  maintain the performance of nutrients. According to statistics, China's  nitrogen fertilizer season utilization rate of only 30 to 35%, phosphorus  utilization rate of only 15 to 20%, potash utilization rate of not more than  65%. Each year through the rain leaching, volatile chemical nitrogen reached 12  million to 14 million tons, worth more than 40 billion. Severe loss of  fertilizer, increase costs, resulting in waste, but also to the environment  pressure in the fertilizer by adding water-retaining agent mixed with the  application, can effectively lock the water and fertilizer, can play a  multiplier effect.

Mixed  with the advantages of fertilizer application: 1. Micro-ecological high degree  of suitability: for the beneficial micro-organisms in the fertilizer to create  a balanced nutrition, humidity suitable micro-ecological environment, enhanced  nitrogen fixation, phosphorus, potassium solution effect. 2. To effectively  reduce the amount of fertilizer, while promoting rapid plant growth, increase  production, income. Experiments show that by adding the additives made of  fertilizer, compared with conventional fertilizer application efficiency increased  by 20 to 30%, while saving 45%, 30% of fertilizer, 30% of workers. And habit of  fertilization control, an average yield of 13% to 15%.