Garden Flowers Water Retaining Agent


Flower insurance agent is a highly efficient water conservation and drought  resistance and water saving fat, loose soil, and plant root growth and  efficient water retention agent. Crops are nontoxic and has a great " water retention, weight, air permeability, soil moisture  evaporation " four soil conditioning  properties. After use, can significantly reduce the number of artificial  water, saving water 50% or more.


 Soil: apply various kinds of soil in a harsh environment, using its  own properties of microporous structure, continue to improve soil permeability  and swelling granular structure, improvement of soil compaction. Be  effective improvement of soil physical and chemical properties, soil moisture  holding rate increase soil nutrient conversion rates, improved root growth and  environment, crop nutrient use efficiency.
  Promoting growth and root growth, make plant roots grow more dense,  more developed, and can improve the survival rate of transplanted  plants. Afforestation in dry water areas , can reduce the number of  replanting and replanting, improving the survival rate of 70% over, plant growth yield 50%. For forestry nursery, can  improve the survival rate of 80% per cent. 
  Improve the efficiency of fertilizer use: water, water, irrigation  water and water-soluble fertilizer stored in the pellets slowly release, not  due to evaporation, leakage and wastage and waste fertilizer to increase  fertilizer use efficiency.


Can be widely used in flower seedling propagation and field  cultivation. Suitable for professional lawn, golf course, green and the  roof garden cultivation. During planting water absorbant and deep (10-15) cm of soil mix , these dry Super absorbent  particles will absorb a lot of water and water-soluble nutrients. In the  course of plant growth , root into the hybrid  particles , Super absorbent polymer on  when plants need water and nutrient release to the plant.

Each will provide for the amount of Super absorbent polymers and the whole  basin of mud after mixing the flowers can be transplanted, and water permeable.

For planting flowers, bonsai, can punch around plant roots, root depth of  concentration distribution of depth prevail, Super absorbent polymer mixed with  fine soil evenly fill, pour enough water. After this process, the bonsai  water permeable in dry hot season to keep half a month without  water. Lawns that have been planted, according to the actual situation in  the root holes hole depth depth concentrated distribution of root system shall  prevail, then sand soil-retaining agent and to 1:20 after the mixing proportion of  filled in, and cover, thoroughly water permeable, then use 2cm thick covering of sand.

Matters needing attention

1. To be mixed with  the soil. 

2. Thoroughly after application of water  permeable. 

3. Storage it should be dampproof, should be kept  under seal.