Frequently asked  questions
 Q: Jadreh for two  types of dealers have the region protection?
 A: annual sales reach the required, and conscientious promotion of Jadreh  products dealer may apply for regional protection (became the sole distributor  of a range).
 Q: if I only buy  small amounts of specialty products, such as pallets, what does this belong to?
 Answer: few objects to buy professional products for end users.
 Q: become a dealer  will change?
 A: we will be adjusted according to market trends dealer application  conditions.
 Q: how long is the  validity of the dealer?
 Answer: authorized dealer are valid for 1 Year. After the  expiration of, such as by assessing may again be authorized once again  authorized as valid for 1 year.
 Q: fine Jadreh to  the authorized dealer's price is?
 A: Ka Jadreh water retaining agent for selling products, mainly under the  influence of raw material prices. Please contact  our authorized distribution of the latest offer.
 Q: different  levels of authorized distributors, product prices vary?
 Answer: level 1 (City level), level 2 (Regional level), the  level of 3 (Provincial) authorized distributors, are authorized to  enjoy channels price gradients, the price is the same.

Q: How can consumers  tell whether manufacturers are Jadreh dealer?
Answer: Jadreh distributors  map CapitaLand  China is the only authorized dealer for information release  platform. Consumers can look for authorized dealers on the map  information, category, coding, and contact information.